Om zetten van NL rijbewijs naar Quebec rijbewijs

Specifieke informatie over Quebec
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Om zetten van NL rijbewijs naar Quebec rijbewijs

Post by Dutch_Truck » 23 Mar 2011, 12:06

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ottawa (Canada)

MARCH 16 2011


For Dutch residents of Quebec, it is now much easier to obtain a Quebec driver's license.

As a result of the similarity of the rules for driving a vehicle in the Netherlands and those in the province of Québec, the Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) will now accept a valid Dutch driver's licence and exchange it for a Quebec driver's licence. The requirement of a driver's test is hereby eliminated.

Yesterday, (March 15, 2011) Ambassador Wim Geerts of the Netherlands and Madame Nathalie Tremblay, President of SAAQ signed the formal agreement in Quebec City. Ambassador Wim Geerts: "The agreement contributes to improving services for the Dutch in Quebec."

A previous agreement had been in existence since June 30, 1997. However, in June 2002, there were a number of changes in the legislative system of Québec, which required a new, formal agreement of reciprocity in order to continue aforementioned privilege.

The Canadian province of Quebec already has similar licence agreements with France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Japan and South Korea.

According to preliminary figures from Dutch statistics each year around 1500 Dutch are emigrating to Canada. Currently one million people of Dutch descent, more than 20,000 in Quebec.

The Dutch are well represented in this country and are active participants in the shaping of Canada's future. Today there are close to one million people of Dutch descent living in Canada, the ninth largest ethnic group in the country. The bonds of friendship between Canada and the Netherlands are strong.

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Re: Om zetten van NL rijbewijs naar Quebec rijbewijs

Post by Elke » 24 Mar 2011, 03:38

Dat is leuk nieuws voor de Nederlanders! Als nu ook nog de andere provincies volgen...
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