Saskatchewan Business PNP

Specifieke informatie over Saskatchewan
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Saskatchewan Business PNP

Post by Cees » 19 Feb 2010, 23:14

Saskatchewan Business PNP
Under Saskatchewan Business PNP a business nominee will be a person who identifies a business opportunity in the province’s key sectors or industries that will enhance the production of goods, the provisions of services, exports, technology and research in Saskatchewan.

Each application will be considered on its individual merit to determine if the proposed business will be of significant economic benefit to the key sectors of the provincial economy. Business applicants will:

Have proven experience in managing a business;
Have significant funds for establishing a new business, or a joint venture or partnership in an existing Saskatchewan business, in which the applicant will have an ongoing management role;
Complete a business plan;
Make a fact finding trip to Saskatchewan and meet government officials;
Provide disclosure of business assets and debts including national and international business activities.
The province’s key sectors are:
Agriculture and Agri-value; Biotechnology; Culture; Energy; Environmental Industries; Forestry; Information Technology and Telecommunications; Mining; Tourism; and Value Added Processing and Manufacturing.

In summary, the applicant must have sufficient proven experience in operating a business and significant funds to invest through a direct investment, joint venture or partnership. The applicant is required to become a resident of Saskatchewan and directly manage the proposed business to qualify. The applicant is required to have a business plan, visit Saskatchewan and meet with Saskatchewan PNP officials. There is no minimum net worth amount or net investment amount required.

It generally takes 8-10 weeks for Saskatchewan to process the business application. The Federal portion will take 6-8 months. The total time of the Saskatchewan PNP Business application will generally be 8-12 months from the date it is filed.

Work Visas Under Saskatchewan Business PNP
After the applicant has been nominated, Saskatchewan Business PNP will provide the standard letter to the relevant CIC post as well as to the nominee stating that the person is nominated and eligible for a work visa.
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